The University has three preferred methods of purchasing supplies and service items:

In RARE circumstances, we will reimburse for out of pocket expenses. This method of purchasing and reimbursement should only be used in emergency situation. Original receipts are required. All Purchases must include in its justification enough information to answer the following questions:

  • WHO is involved and authorized this purchase?
  • WHAT is the purpose for the purchase?
  • WHERE (room number, building, etc) and
  • WHEN will the purchase be used?
  • WHY is the purchase necessary and how does it further the goals of University and the project/account charged?

Contract for Professional Services

Computers Funded on Grants


Purchase Orders

Purchasing a Computer

Sales Tax on University Purchases

Supplies and Services


Accounting Contacts

Terry Klosterman
Accounting Supervisor
S256 EltH - 626-7975

Kamran Motevaze
Senior Accountant
S252 EltH - 626-8146

Kristen Abernethy
Executive Accounts Specialist
S250 EltH - 624-4325