Undergraduate and Graduate Student Expense Reimbursements

Currently, student reimbursements must be processed via the older UM 1612 Employee Expense Worksheet because of how Chrome River routes approvals. The approvals are routed automatically based on appointments and may be sent to irrelevant TA or RA supervisors for approval and would not accurately represent the needed approvals. 

For a detailed breakdown of the form and procedure for requesting reimbursement, please see the former Training Workshop Reimbursement Slides

Please turn in reimbursement forms to Donnie Wood (S254 Elliott Hall | woodx399@umn.edu) for processing.

Due to remote working, please only email forms and receipts.

Accounting Contacts

Sarah Jahn
Accounting Supervisor
S253 EltH - 626-7975

Kamran Motevaze
Senior Accountant
S252 EltH - 626-8146

Donnie Wood
Executive Accounts Specialist
S254 - 625-5429