Expense Reimbursements

General Information

General Information

Expense Reimbursements are used to reimburse University of Minnesota employees, mainly used for travel. As mentioned in purchasing reimbursements can be used, albiet very rarely and only in emergency situations, for supplies and equipment. Reimbursement for supplies and equiment is the least prefered method of purchasing.

Travel Reimbursement Policy

Non-Travel Reimbursement Policy


See here for Current Employee Expense Worksheet and Instructions Document: UM 1612 (NOTE: Only graduate and undergraduate students should be submitting UM 1612 forms for reimbursement. Faculty and Staff should submit reimbursement via Chrome River)

Please turn in paper reimbursement forms to Donnie Wood (S254 Elliott Hall | woodx399@umn.edu) for processing.

Training Workshop Reimbursement Slides (Old)

Chrome River

Chrome River

What is Chrome River and why the change?

Chrome River is the new system we will be using to process out of pocket reimbursements and Travel Card (TCard) transactions.
Chrome River will streamline the reimbursement process while improving accuracy and efficiency through the implimentation of several features including:
  • Built in Policy Compliance Warnings: If anything has not been entered correctly, the system will flag it and inform you of the policy being infracted as well as offer solutions on how to fix it
  • Built in Per Diem (Meal/Lodging) and Mileage Rates: No more looking up the per diem rates on an external website! Chrome River will do those calculations for you
  • Google Maps for Mileage: Chrome River has integrated Google Maps into their site to ensure miles are counted correctly and it even adds a map to your documentation
  • No Signatures: No more chasing people down for signatures, approvals are routed electronically via email. To approve or deny, simply look over the informaiotn in the email and click the "Approve" or "Deny" button in the email.
  • Ease of Receipt Submission: Submit your receipts electronicall from your phone, laptop, or desktop computer. See methods of submission below.
  • AI Receipt Recognition: Chrome River has AI built in that will attempt to fill in information about your receipt including the amount, date and vendor. It will also try to pair receipts with their T-Card transactions if it sees matches.
(Note: P-Card processing changes will not change.)


How to find Chrome River:

  1. Sign into MyU
  2. Click <Key Links>
  3. Click <U Travel>
  4. On the right, Click <Chrome River Login>

On the right side under <Chrome River Login> there are other helpful links to getting started on Chrome River!


Uploading Receipts to Chrome River

There are three current methods of submitting receipts to Chrome River

  1. Through the website: Click on the three bars on the top left and go into "Receipt Gallery". On the top right there will be a button that says "Upload"
  2. Email: Email your receipts as attachments to receipt@chromefile.com (Note: These emails MUST come from your @umn.edu email.)
  3. Phone App: There's an Android apps called "Chrome River Snap"

Useful Links:



Things to Include:

  Travel Justification Supply/Equipment* Hospitality/Entertainment
Who: Who is traveling? Who (if anyone) traveled with you? Who (if anyone) did you share expenses with?

Who made the purchase? Who is the purchase for? Who will use the purchase?

Who all were in attendance and what is their relationships with the Univeristy?

What: What was the travel for? (Conference, business meeting, etc.) What was purchased?

What was purchased? 

When: When will the travel occur? When will the event occur? When were the purchases made?

When was the purchase? When will the supplies or equipment be used?

When was the purchase made?

Where: Where is the destination? Where is the event taking place? Is the travel going to or from anywhere not Minneapolis?

Where will the supplies or equipment be used? Where will it be stored?

Where was the purchase?

Why/How: Why is this travel useful? How does it support the University of Minnesota’s mission or goal?

Why are these supplies or equipment necessary? How will it be used?

Why was this purchase necessary? How does it support the University of Minnesota's mission or goal?

For Charges to Sponsored Accounts: Sponsored charge justifications must include the project name/number, principal investigator (PI), whether you have paid effort on the grant, and how the expenses directly support the grant.

Oddities: Anything out of the norm should be included in the justification. Clarifications and extra details pertinent to the payment should be included.

For more information, see our full Justification Guide.

* Reminder that reimbursement is a last resort for supplies and equipment. Every other purchasing option should be exhausted first before reimbursement is considered. See Purchasing for more information.

Accounting Contacts

Sarah Jahn
Accounting Supervisor
S253 EltH - 626-7975

Kamran Motevaze
Senior Accountant
S252 EltH - 626-8146

Donnie Wood
Executive Accounts Specialist
S254 - 625-5429