2017 R Studio Summer Workshops

All data files and instructions can be located here: https://z.umn.edu/psyintroR


6/21: Introduction to R, part 1

6/28: Introduction to R, part 2

7/12: R projects, git, & packrat

7/19: Basic data manipulation in R using dplyr

7/26: Intro to Ggplot2

8/9: Merge and reshape

8/16: Introduction to R Markdown

  • R Markdown for reproducible research - what it is, why you might want it, and how to get started using it and the differences from R Sweave (LaTeX) and pros & cons of each

8/23: Parallel Computing

  • David Olsen to lead advanced topic on Intro Parallel Computing - great option for people who are trying to analyze/manipulate very large datasets in R

8/30: Text analysis in R

  • Cleaning simple text data in R: functions for pattern matching, text manipulation, finding and replacing text and andoverview of text mining package tm


Pat Frazier
Open Science Committee Chair
N571 EltH – 625-6863